Unlock tailored support designed for diverse contexts – be it individual, couples, or group settings. Each format provides a unique approach, addressing the distinct needs of my clients.

I aim to cultivate an environment conducive to your personal and relational growth.

Pour Soi



Empower your journey to sexual well-being with collaborative support. Together, we redefine your intimate life, allowing you to reclaim control and shape a unique, fulfilling sexual experience tailored just for you.

1 session • 1h

Face-to-face or videoconference


[ Reconnect with your libido ]

Embark on the transformative ‘Explore the Flow’ program, meticulously crafted to reawaken your libido and unleash the energy within. Engage in a profound journey that encourages you to carve out space for your unique life energy flow.

5 sessions • 1h

Face-to-face or videoconference
$450 over 3 months

Profilage érotique


Dive into the transformative tool of ‘Erotic Profiling,’ meticulously crafted to guide you in exploring and understanding your erotic profile at a profound level. Immerse yourself in this enriching experience, designed to awaken your senses and foster a profound connection with your sensuality.

7 sessions • 1h

Face-to-face or videoconference
$600 over 6 month

for you

couple therapy

[ Strengthen your intimacy ]

Let’s initiate a dialogue together, enhancing connections and co-designing a conversational approach in harmony with your values. Build the pillars of meaningful communication and unlock the space for a positive, authentic dialogue that resonates with you.

1 session • 1h

Face-to-face or videoconference

CREATE your "toolbox"

[ Steps to stabilize your relationship

Embark on a transformative program equipped with essential tools for the healing and fulfillment of your relationship. Immerse yourself in a journey designed to fortify bonds, resolve conflicts, and cultivate a harmonious environment.

5 sessions • 1h30

Face-to-face or videoconference
$650 over 4 month

Managing the libido gap

[ Defining your pleasure zone ]

Empower your relationship with our program tailored to navigate and bridge libido gaps successfully. Reflect on your needs and construct a pleasure-filled space. Immerse yourself in a personalized and immersive program.

7 sessions • 1h15

Face-to-face or videoconference
$850 over 6 months



During these workshops I address the subjects that concern you and I answer all your questions. The Workshops are held face-to-face in New York .  

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  • Thematic workshops (libido, Erotic Profile, Dare your Femininity, etc.)
  • Circle of women (co-facilitation we explore femininity in full consciousness)
  • Apéro Sexo (I carry out interventions for intimate and caring discussion groups)


​​Sex Therapy Unveiled: Transform Your Intimacy

It’s a powerful form of therapy dedicated to helping individuals and couples overcome sexual challenges, enhance intimacy, and achieve sexual fulfillment.

Consider sex therapy if you’re facing sexual difficulties, communication issues in your relationship, or if you simply desire to elevate your sex life.

This section emphasizes the purpose of sex therapy as a transformative tool for both individuals and couples. It encourages those facing sexual challenges or seeking improvement in their intimate relationships to explore the benefits of sex therapy.

Sexology consultations address various concerns arising from dissatisfaction or distress related to one’s sexual life. Common reasons include desire disorders, sexual disagreements, pain during intercourse, vaginismus, addictive behavior, post-trauma reconstruction, questions about sexual orientation, and more.

This part provides a comprehensive list of common issues that individuals may experience in their sexual lives, showcasing the broad scope of sex therapy. It invites readers to recognize their specific concerns and consider seeking professional help.

The initial consultation focuses on meeting, assessing needs, and understanding the purpose of the approach. Sessions, either in person or online, last one hour, with a frequency tailored to individual needs, typically every 3 weeks.

Here, the consultation process is explained, emphasizing the personalized and client-centered nature of sex therapy. Details about the duration, format (in person or online), and frequency of sessions are provided to give potential clients a clear understanding of what to expect.

Les consultations se déroulent en présentiel ou en ligne, il faut compter une heure. Concernant la fréquence, elle varie d’un patient à l’autre. Généralement, je reçois mes patients toutes les 3 semaines.

The duration varies based on the problem and individual response. Some see results in a few sessions, while others may require more time.

This part manages expectations by acknowledging that the duration of therapy varies. It reassures potential clients that positive outcomes can be achieved in a relatively short period for some, while others might need more time, emphasizing the individualized nature of the therapeutic process.

For many, sex therapy effectively resolves sexual problems, enhances communication, and fosters increased intimacy.

The effectiveness of sex therapy is highlighted, providing reassurance to potential clients about the positive outcomes they can expect, including resolution of sexual challenges, improved communication, and heightened intimacy.

I employ therapeutic approaches rooted in systemic therapy, CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), and sex therapy-specific techniques.

This section informs the reader about the therapeutic approaches utilized, emphasizing the professionalism and expertise of the sex therapist. It mentions systemic therapy, CBT, and sex therapy-specific techniques, offering transparency about the methodologies employed.

Privacy is paramount. All information shared during sessions is strictly confidential, adhering to professional ethical standards.

This statement underscores the commitment to confidentiality, an essential aspect of any therapeutic relationship. It assures clients that their privacy is a top priority, aligning with ethical standards within the field.

Choose between individual or couples therapy based on your needs and preferences.

This part invites potential clients to consider their preferences and needs when choosing the type of therapy—individual or couples. It empowers them to make a decision that aligns with their comfort and goals.

Ready to embark on your journey? Schedule a sex therapy session by contacting me via phone or email. Visit the contact page on my website for additional information on making an appointment.

This concluding section provides a clear call-to-action, encouraging readers to take the next step by scheduling a sex therapy session. It provides practical information on how to get in touch, highlighting the ease of making an appointment via phone, email, or the website’s contact page.


It is essential that everyone has access to care that promotes sexual well-being. 

I work with people from diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds. I appreciate this diversity , which is why the price of my accompaniments is discussed during our first session, in order to establish a price that suits everyone.